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speech coach and story  coach

  You will  use your voice

                     -your TRUE self

to speak with ease and authenticity. You will be introduced to skills that world-renowned actors use to hone their craft- exquisite tools to up your game in the professional arena, presenting or pitching a new product, persuading other professionals from boardrooms to large convention arenas or engaging and inspiring creatives in your company.  The use of these tools helps you create a fearless performance by refocusing you on what is important for you to communicate and what inspires you about your story.  You will be guided in shaping your speech into the telling of a story that will humanize it, to make an impact on even the most sophisticated audience that has heard it all before.


Areas of focus include:

-Storytelling techniques to sharpen speech content and delivery, enhance the 'humanity' of the speaker and the business at hand, (eg. TEDTALK appeal) and immediately connect and inspire your audience.

-Creative prompts are provided to help you shape the story from either a blank page or too many pages that you must turn into a 3 minute speech: a great beginning, a good flow that peaks to the most important part of your content, and an ending that will remind the audience of why you had to speak and why now. 

-Guidance in development of 'stage presence' aided by relaxation techniques and specific body language that fits you and your 'story'.

-Credibility in speech through simple vocal exercises of relaxation, use of range, inflections, and effective repetitions for an interesting, cohesive and impactful reception.

Book a one-on-one session now!

Includes a free 30-minute phone consultation to review material, your upcoming event, and initial concerns.  

I am bicoastal (Las Vegas, NV & New York) so depending on your location, you can book a session on Zoom or in-person depending on date availability.


IOptions include single or multiple sessions either in your office or at professional coaching studios. Bookings are subject to availability.  

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